'Winning Starts with Beginning'

Hi there,  

Great that our business paths crossed now. My expertise is Strategic Acquisitions, next to that I find it so interesting and inspiring to meet new people. 

Every business, in any stage whether in startup or scale-up needs upon ongoing bases new business contacts to grow. To help you getting through the pandemic period Kristien’s Super Network created a way for you to make easy new Business Contacts. 

Make the first step and you will get into the flow of making steps towards your goal. However to reach your goal the right contacts are essential. 

Probably you are very curious in Go Beyond™. If it’s the first time you’re hearing about Go Beyond™ you have to understand that this is NOT regular networking, a network community or business club with on periodic activities.


This is my Inner Circle where I, Kristien van Elteren, get actively involved to take you on a global Network Journey with the goal to Sky Rocket Your Business Contacts.

Why am I doing this? At the start of the pandemic I received so many business questions from people. I’m a Serial Entrepreneur, not a coach or an advisor.
I analysed the market and came down most to a ‘lead problem’ which means you are lacking the right Contact(s) to solve the challenge you are facing.

I’m highly driven in making New Business Contacts, so I decided to create the Super Network where I help you ongoing making New Business Contacts. If you are looking for quick contacts and visit one time, this message is not for you. The truth is making contacts is easy however building and maintaining business relationships cost time and effort.


When you join Go Beyond there is no fixed newsletter, event or periodical contact moment…I’m busy and you are busy, I will bring you business value that is worthwhile and help you grow your Business Network. 

Let’s Go Beyond!

Kristien van Elteren

Ps. Our Business Paths are crossed, make sure you join the mailing list so you receive the invitations, no worries I don’t send newsletters or spam… #cliffhanger 

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