Kristien's Story

Serial Entrepreneur

Kristien van Elteren, Dutch serial entrepreneur. Kristien is a venture capitalist and a real business builder and strategic innovator. She is a transaction focused entrepreneur with expertise in Strategic Acquisitions. With her MBA degree in Strategic Business Innovation, years of business experience, combined with her passion for growing business Kristien she is an entrepreneur at heart – she builds businesses. 

Kristien is the only female owner in the Netherlands of a harbour – Jachthaven Vinkeveen. Owner of a rental portfolio in Amsterdam South and Vinkeveen – Short Stay Houses

Networking and connecting people is Kristien known for. She created Go Beyond™ by Kristien van Elteren, a Business Super Network which includes +100 business communities around the globe which brings ongoing value to all the people Kristien comes across during her business journey.

Kristien’s vision 
“Don’t think in or outside the box, but imagine there is No Box at all, that’s where the Opportunities are”. 

You will be personally contacted by Kristien's Team.