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The pandemic has made business challenging for all of us. So Kristien decided to bundle strengths and launched the Go Beyond Network to bring value between networks and beyond to make easy business connections possible via Kristien’s Super Network. Become a Network Traveller and mingle every time with a different Business community to Skyrocket your Contacts. 

Here’s a SneakPeak of what you ‘ll Get 
Access to the Super Network 
Get invitations and unexpected Business Value 
More.. much more… Bonus… 

Are you ready to Go Beyond
When you signup you will be surprised by the inspiration and various kinds of people who come across your business path and it will provide for sure (unexpected) interaction in your business and will make you grow you as business person and logically your business.


You will be personally contacted by Kristien's Team.

You will be personally contacted by Kristien's Team.


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