The story

Serial Entrepreneur

A Self-Made Serial Entrepreneur and venture capitalist, a business builder and strategic innovator. Kristien is a transaction focused entrepreneur with expertise in M&A. She has built various successful (international) businesses. Kristien is experienced in seeing opportunities and able to grow business, that is where she is known for in her network.

Currently owner of the harbour Jachthaven Vinkeveen with modern berths, located in Amsterdam South. Founder of Short Stay Houses, affordable medium term rentals.

Kristien started at young age with her journey of entrepreneurship, moved from The Netherlands to build her first international company in the United States, without no business experience and no network at all… however she managed to build a successful international trading company, which has been taken over and flourishing under another umbrella.

An active board member of the Amsterdam American Business Club, where she is responsible for enhancing the relations with embassies and (international) business groups.

Her vision is “don’t think in or outside the box, but imagine there is no box at all, that’s where the magic happens”.