Kristien van Elteren

Serial Entrepreneur
Netherlands Only Female Marina Owner

Investor in Properties & Companies
Founder Go Beyond Network

Kristien van Elteren is a serial entrepreneur of various companies, an investor in companies & property – Short Stay Houses
She is the only female owner in the Netherlands of a harbour Jachthaven Vinkeveen. 

Kristien is a venture capitalist, a real business builder and strategic innovator. She is a transaction focused entrepreneur with expertise in M&A. With her MBA degree in Strategic Business Innovation, years of business experience, combined with her passion for building business Kristien she is an entrepreneur at heart – she builds businesses.

The pandemic has made business challenging for all of us. As giving back Kristien launched Go Beyond™ Network, to bring value between networks and beyond to make easy business connections possible via Kristien’s Super Network. ‬Become a Network Traveller and mingle every time with a different Business community with goal to Skyrocket your Contacts.

Kristien’s vision 
“Don’t think in or outside the box, but imagine there is No Box at all, that’s where the Magic Happens”.

You will be personally contacted by Kristien's Team.