Your business has invested time and money into the product / service development & marketing and is growing, you don’t want to setup or extend (yet) the sales team but who takes care of your potential customers, constantly tries to close the deal with your valuable prospects… then the Closer comes around the corner who gives your valuable leads all the expertise to make the deal. 

WHAT? Help Business Owners, Consultants, Service Professionals to close High Value Offers and improve their revenue. The closer is a sales professional who closes for your business.

WHEN? The company has generated a steady stream of leads from their marketing, webinars and / or workshops. The prospect is already interested in the product / service before they make the contact with the closer.

WHY?  Your company has growth rapidly or expanded to The Netherlands and facing language- and / or cultural issues when selling the products / services. Or your business is growing and needs professional sales assistance. The closer builds the long-term relationship with your company and is the rainmaker for your company.

B2B closer
√ Problem Solver
A good Listener
Unattached tot the Sale
Closes the deal

The services are especially for
A product or service that provides genuine value for your clients
For a great customer service, follow up sequence, and effective lead generation
The product or service is a high-value offer
Require a professional closer that specialises in closing inbound sales (calls) and NOT a salesman

The Science of Lead generation.
To reach the full potential of a business, it takes an helicopter view in the lead generation strategy to attract high-quality leads across multiple channels. 

We have the needed knowhow and experience to start from strategic innovation and guide you in the journey. We become the lead ambassador and your longterm valuable businesspartner.

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We are in the business of helping winners win more.
 Let’s us assist you with closing your leads, it will help you focus and scale the company. 

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