The Story


The Story

Kristien van Elteren is a serial entrepreneur and businesswoman. She likes the journey of building business the most. Her daily inspiration is “1 Year = 365 Opportunities”. 

She has an MBA in Strategic Business Innovation – Change the industry logic and create Blue Ocean of uncontested Market Space. 

Kristien has build in her early entrepreneur days an international (art) trading company with homebase St. Maarten, Caribbean. The company participated successfully for years on international level e.g. New York, Las Vegas, Switzerland, Puerto Rico and The Netherlands. The company is taken over and is flourishing under another umbrella.

Kristien is a real builder and innovater of a business case to the new economy. Her current company has interest in new tech, real estate and strategic business alliances. The company owns a marina and real estate. 
Art is the unique element through the whole company, which brings an unforgettable experience. 

Vision of Kristien is “don’t think in or outside the box, but imagine there is no box at all”, that’s where the magic happens.